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Product Information

TPO banner PVC free TPO bannerWith the performance to match a traditional PVC banner, this ‘green' alternative is perfect for everywhere a typical banner can go including exhibitions, POS/ retail, events, as well as more extreme outdoor applications as this banner can handle temperature changes of as low as -70c and as high as 80c. It's made entirely from TPO, a specialist material used in the building and automotive industry for its exceptional durability and strength in outdoor environments. It's an excellent ‘green' alternative to PVC banner and truly holds its own in terms of performance, with a durability of up to five years as well as resistance to UV, ageing and water. Using a unique four-layer construction, it has proven to be a tough yet flexible option for indoor and outdoor printed graphics requiring that all-important ‘eco' touch.[/caption]

Product Features

  • Lightweight construction for increased flexibility
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, with water and UV resistance
  • Can resist temperatures as low as -70c and as high as 80c!
  • PVC-free and recyclable to help you meet those eco targets
  • Perfectly printable with a range of ink types
  • Excellent tear and tensile strengths comparable to higher weight PVC options
  • Free from phthalates


Strength comparison

  440gsm banner 230gsm PVC-Free TPO banner
Tensile strength (DIN53354/BS3424) Warp 635 / Weft 451 N Warp 4910-510 Weft 590-610
Tear strength (DIN53356/BS3424) Warp 125 / Weft 107 N Warp 190-210 Weft 295-315

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